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EcoStrike Provides Professional Mold Testing Services for Residential, Commercial, and Marine in South Florida

Mold Remediation Services

EcoStrike provides environmental testing. This process may include a comprehensive visual inspection, bulk sampling and/or air sampling. The goal of environmental testing is to determine whether or not your indoor air quality is safe. The samples that are collected are then sent to an independent environmental laboratory to be analyzed under a microscope. The number of mold spores collected are quantified and also identified by type. This information is then included in a report prepared by an EcoStrike professional and issued to the client for their review. We are always available to discuss the details and answer any questions that you might have.

If the results of the sampling confirm that the property should be professionally remediated, EcoStrike will write a protocol for the remediation contractor to follow. Our concern is always for our customers health and safety.

For more information on the mold testing and assessment services please call us at (561) 990-MOLD or email at anytime at: contact@ecostrikellc.com

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