Commercial Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

If fire strikes your commercial business, the results can be overwhelming. At Eco Strike, working to restore operations and safeguard your investment is top priority and our team of skilled professionals will get you through the fire and smoke restoration process as quickly as possible. No place is immune to fires and if damage occurs, offices, schools, banks and hospitals need to be able to get back up and running to continue serving the community.

Though every situation is unique and varies, these are the general steps and processes that will be taken to restore operations to your commercial facility.


The most first and most important step of the fire and smoke restoration process is securing your facility to prevent further damage. Unfortunately, with fire damage, there will also be water damage from extinguishing the fire. Water will need to be removed immediately and the area will need to be completely dried to prevent mold from growing or spreading. The building should be ventilated as well to expel as much dust, residue and soot as possible.


The effects of fire damage can extend much deeper than what is topically visible. From floor to ceiling, smoke can permeate into every surface and every part of a facility must be completely and thoroughly checked. This includes ductwork and electronics behind walls that will need to be decontaminated for soot and allergens. Soot is the result of fire and is highly acidic. It can corrode metal and discolor glass, plastic, vinyl and fabric if not completely removed. Once the building has been assessed, separating salvageable from unsalvageable items will be the next task. Contents that cannot be recovered will be removed and items that can be saved should be moved to a separate location once the restoration process has been completed.


After evaluation of damage has been assessed, cleaning follows. We will use our specialized equipment to clean ceilings, floors and walls. Removing soot entirely will be the primary goal. Once the structural elements have been restored, carpeting and upholstery will be cleaned to neutralize and minimize further damage. Sanitization is the final step in the fire restoration process and can be utilized to restore the facility or any salvageable contents.

We recognize that every circumstance is different and the sense of urgency to return your business’ operations as quickly as possible is our top priority. Our highly trained professionals and specialized equipment for commercial fire and smoke restoration will get your business facility up and running with as little downtime as possible.

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