Water Mitigation

One of the most common kinds of damage that can affect your home is water damage. Between flooding, storm damage or pipes that leak or burst, your home is very susceptible to different types of water damage.

With any kind of water damage comes other potentially dangerous and catastrophic
issues like bacteria and mold damage and electrical hazards, in addition to
structural damage. It is best to begin your residential water restoration as quickly
as possible, typically within the first 24-48 hours. If water is not extracted
immediately from the area, it can present a new range of issues. Mold, which needs
a water source and humidity to thrive, can grow and spread. It is incredibly
important to not only remove all excess water but to ventilate and dry the area as
soon as possible to prevent mold and bacteria, which can grow within hours. The
quicker you address water removal will mean less water damage repair.

The first thing you should do when water damage strikes is to call the professionals. Eco Strike’s highly trained specialists and specialized equipment are able to fix the problem and to prevent and repair any damage. Some helpful ways that you can mitigate the damage while waiting for our team to arrive are:

Identifying any electrical hazard and slippery surfaces

Mopping up as much as you can

Remove rugs and upholstery to hang in a safe, dry place

Open windows to encourage ventilation and drying

Wipe dry any wood surfaces

Gather loose items and store in a secure, dry area

Handling water damage requires specialists who are trained in this kind of
circumstance. Our team knows where to look, how to address the potential challenges and what can happen if a thorough restoration is not completed. We will remove all excess water with our specialized equipment, remove all damaged and unsalvageable materials like carpeting, restore as much of the interior contents as possible and clean and sanitize all areas to prevent mold.

When our team arrives, you can expect that we will manage your residential water
damage restoration in the most efficient and quickest manner possible to return
your family home safely. At Eco Strike, we understand that this is a difficult time to
navigate for you and your family and we will work as swiftly as possible to restore
your lives back to normal.

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