Commercial Water Mitigation

Of all the many things to examine and plan for as a business owner, water damage should be one of the higher priorities to consider, as it is one of the most common kinds of damage that can occur. Leak or burst pipes, flooding and storm damage can cause much costly damage that can lead to many other potential issues if not handled immediately. If water damage occurs to your commercial building, the highly trained professionals at Eco Strike will be there for you to minimize your operations’ downtime and get things back to normal.

One of the biggest issues business owners face when it comes to water damage is mold and bacteria growth and spread within their buildings, as well as swelling of wooden furniture and flooring. While the bacteria and mold develop, it creates a strong musty odor which is very unpleasant and unhealthy to ingest which is against health regulations with any type of business. Other building issues business owners come into contact with when their building is hit with water damage includes damages to walls, flooring, any type of frames on walls, as well as windows that warp and break causing, more monetary issues for business owners.

Once the building is accessed for the water damage, next comes the process of restoring the building as well as the recovery process which all depends on how severe the water damage is and the extent of the types of flooring, wall and other variable aspects. First step to the recovery process begins with removing any items within the commercial building which might be considered salvageable which can include any books, computers, documents, hard drives or any other types of items not affected by the water damage. The next steps once the salvageable items are removed, is to clean, sanitize and rebuild. Furniture and upholstery that can be salvaged will be and structural components and materials will be rebuilt.

The first thing you should do when water damage strikes is to call the professionals. Eco Strike’s highly trained specialists and specialized equipment are able to fix the problem and to prevent and repair any damage. Some helpful ways that you can mitigate the damage while waiting for our team to arrive are:

Identifying any electrical hazard and slippery surfaces

Open windows to encourage ventilation and drying

Wipe dry any wood surfaces

Gather loose items and store in a secure, dry area

Handling water damage requires specialists who are trained in this kind of
circumstance. Our team knows where to look, how to address the potential challenges and what can happen if a thorough restoration is not completed. We will remove all excess water with our specialized equipment, remove all damaged and unsalvageable materials like carpeting, restore as much of the interior contents as possible and clean and sanitize all areas to prevent mold.

When our team arrives, you can expect that we will manage your residential water
damage restoration in the most efficient and quickest manner possible to return
your family home safely. At Eco Strike, we understand that this is a difficult time to
navigate for you and your family and we will work as swiftly as possible to restore
your lives back to normal. Storms, floods and structural issues can cause catastrophic damage to your commercial business facility. It can be costly to fix depending on the type of water damage, as well as the size and amount of water damage done to the building. At Eco Strike, we understand the sense of urgency and importance of returning back to business as usual and will work as quickly as possible to minimize downtime and return things back to normal for you and your employees.

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