Fire & Smoke Restoration

When the devastating effects of fire affect your home, it can seem overwhelming to rebuild and return to normalcy. There are so many things to consider and decide as you are trying to process the situation. At Eco Strike, our professionals are highly trained and use specialized equipment to handle residential fire and smoke restoration. We understand the severity of the situation and the importance of getting your life back to order in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. We will ensure your home is restored back to its original condition, or better, so that your family can be protected from potential illness and return home safely.

The effects from fire and smoke can reach much farther than the visible eye. As a result of fire, smoke and soot are left behind, in addition to the smell from fumes. Soot is acidic and can corrode metal and discolor glass, plastic, vinyl and fabric if not properly addressed. It is best to begin your residential fire and smoke restoration as quickly as possible, typically within the first 24-48 hours.

Securing and assessing the home will begin the fire and smoke restoration process. With fire damage, there will also be water damage from extinguishing the fire. In addition to fire restoration services, we will also be able to address the water damage restoration to prevent mold. Water will need to be removed and the area will need to be dried out as quickly as possible to ensure mold is not created or spread. To protect the home from any further potential damage, the remaining structure will also need to be preserved and adequately ventilated. A thorough examination of your home will be conducted to determine the levels of damage and create an actionable plan.

Once your home has been assessed and preserved, the interior contents will be reviewed for what is able to be salvaged. Materials and objects not able to be salvaged will be discarded and what is salvageable will need to be transferred to a secure location until the fire and smoke restoration has been completed. Our professionals will then work to clean, rebuild and sanitize your home with the most modern and effective equipment as quickly as possible. This includes furniture, furnishings, floors and ceilings.

With an estimated average of 354,400 residential fires per year, it is important to choose a reliable company to help mitigate the harmful and overwhelming effects of fire and smoke damage so that you can return your life back to normal. Eco Strike’s professional, timely and trustworthy residential fire and smoke restoration services is the complete solution you need during this difficult time to get your home’s condition better than before, as quickly as possible.

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