Commercial Mold Remediation

Though mold is commonly found in most buildings, including commercial facilities such as offices, schools, banks and hospitals, this doesn’t minimize the concern upon discovery. Since mold is most often the result of a typically hidden, larger issue such as a leaking pipe or non-insulated exterior walls, its growth can be unintentionally ignored for long periods of time.

 Most toxic molds are hard to detect and easy to miss. The most common type of mold that is found on walls and floors is black mold. It may grow on wood, tiles, concrete and even basements. Symptoms from mold exposure can include skin irritation, eye irritation, asthma, nasal problems, headaches, fatigue, headaches, and dizziness. The most common illness caused by black mold is pneumonia. Identifying a mold issue and addressing it with mold remediation is crucial for the health and integrity of your business and employees.

Identify the Source:

Most of the time, mold is the effect of a root cause. The root cause is typically a leak or water issue. Since mold requires moisture to grow, determining the water source is the most important step in mold remediation.

Removal of Contaminated Materials

Once the source has been identified, contents and structure that have been affected by mold should be removed to avoid cross-contamination before cleaning. They should either be cleaned and sanitized or discarded. This can include insulation, drywall and carpeting.


In cases of moderate to severe damage, your home’s structure may have been contaminated and will need to be rebuilt to prevent further spread of mold growth.

Clean/ Dry

The final step in mold remediation is removing mold during the cleaning process and allowing to thoroughly dry to avoid future growth. Specialized cleaning materials and equipment will safely remove any mold presence and thorough drying by ventilation or humidifiers will ensure prevention.

Though casual advice can suggest mold can be treated unprofessionally, mold remediation professionals are the best ones with the ability to clean up a contaminated area. Commercial mold removal and remediation require the attention of an expert. Professional remediation is necessary because it will provide a safe environment for those who live in the area. It will also eliminate the problem once and for all.

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