Storm Damage Restoration

Severe weather can have disastrous effects on your home. In addition to the emotional distress, there are also many details and decisions to address in the wake of storm damage. Eco Strike’s highly trained team of professionals and specialized equipment will work to regain your home’s original integrity or better as quickly as possible so that your family can return home safely. 

Wind, water and debris can wreak havoc on your home’s structure. Strong winds can knock out windows and remove roof shingles. When roof shingles become loosened or blown off, they expose the building’s interior structure to water, which can lead to mold or disintegration. Water may need to be extracted, the building may need to be secured to guard against further damage, electronics may need to be restored, mold may need to be remediated and wet materials may need to be removed and disposed of.

Though every situation is unique and varies, these are the general steps and processes that will be taken to restore your home.

Secure / Assess

One of the most important initial steps in the storm damage restoration process is securing the building to prevent further damage. If there is roof damage or walls are no longer existing, the building will need to be secured to protect from potential water damage and the elements. Any obstructed materials will need to be cleared so that the building can be attended to safely. Once the building has been secured, a thorough and complete assessment will be conducted to determine the actual levels of damage to create an actionable plan.

Clean Up

The storm damage restoration process begins with clean up. Removing affected structural and interior contents that cannot be salvaged and determining what can be retained will clear the space to begin recovery and rebuilding.

Recovery / Rebuilding

Once the interior contents have been relocated from the affected area, the recovery and rebuilding step in the storm damage restoration can begin. There are many factors to consider including electrical and appliances, pipes and plumbing, structure and construction to name a few.

Having storm damage repaired on your property can be a daunting task, but with Eco Strike, you will be able to restore your home to the state it was in before the damage, or better.

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