Mold Remediation

Even though mold is common and can be found everywhere, both indoors and out, this doesn’t minimize its destruction when found inside the home.

Mold is typically the result of a larger issue, namely a water sourced one, like a leak in a pipe or roof. In addition to a water source, it needs humidity in order to thrive.

Most times, mold can grow unnoticed for a period of time as pipes are within walls and leaks from a roof can take some time to penetrate down to the living areas of the home.

Once the visible and olfactory effects begin to surface, mold has had some time to spread and a residential mold remediation plan will certainly need to be put into place.

Though every situation is unique and varies, these are the general steps and processes that will be taken to restore your home.

Identify the Source:

Most of the time, mold is the effect of a root cause. The root cause is typically a leak or water issue. Since mold requires moisture to grow, determining the water source is the most important step in mold remediation.

Removal of Contaminated Materials

Once the source has been identified, contents and structure that have been affected by mold should be removed to avoid cross-contamination before cleaning. They should either be cleaned and sanitized or discarded. This can include insulation, drywall and carpeting.


In cases of moderate to severe damage, your home’s structure may have been contaminated and will need to be rebuilt to prevent further spread of mold growth.

Clean/ Dry

The final step in mold remediation is removing mold during the cleaning process and allowing to thoroughly dry to avoid future growth. Specialized cleaning materials and equipment will safely remove any mold presence and thorough drying by ventilation or humidifiers will ensure prevention.

Since mold can exacerbate existing health issues and cause sickness, it is best to address the situation immediately if mold is found in your home. Not only will you be protecting your family, but you will also be keeping the integrity of your home’s structure.

EcoStrike’s highly trained professionals and specialized equipment for mold remediation services will locate the source of your mold, clear out the damage and get your family and home back to a healthier and safer environment.

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