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When disaster strikes home, it can be difficult to process both emotionally and physically. Storms, fires, water and mold damage can cause unthinkable damage to your home and the thoughts and decisions you’ll be faced with can feel overwhelming. No matter your situation though, Eco Strike’s highly trained professionals have all the capabilities to reconstruct your home from any emergency as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Designing and communicating a clear plan of scope, finances and expectation is key to a smooth reconstruction. Our experienced team will establish a timeline and actionable plan to achieve all objectives.

We will first secure your commercial building and assess the levels of damage to your facility. This can include all structural components including ceilings, floors, walls and within ceilings and walls. Soot from fire is acidic and can cause rapid deterioration and water and mold can cause catastrophic damage if not addressed quickly. Depending on the level of damage, rebuilding may be your only option in the effort to protect your employees and the integrity of your facility. At Eco Strike, our professionals are thoroughly trained to reconstruct your building in the quickest and most efficient ways possible to minimize your downtime.


After assessing the damage, all interior components will need to be reviewed to determine what is salvageable. This includes furniture, furnishings, appliances, machinery, insulation and millwork. Some things are able to be cleaned and sanitized for use again and other things may need to be discarded. Once all interior components are in a secure location separate from the damaged area, cleaning, sanitizing and reconstruction can begin, which can include structural rebuilding. 

When faced with a reconstruction project, it may be difficult to see anything other than the trouble that’s been caused. However, a reconstruction project can be an opportunity to rebuild better than before. Once the damage has been removed and the rebuilding process has begun, new walls can be built and new fixtures, flooring or ceiling fixtures can be installed.

Reconstructing your home after damage occurs can be disheartening and uncertain but the professionals at Eco Strike will ensure your residential reconstruction will be completed as efficiently and time sensibly as possible so that you and your family can return home safely.

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