Commercial Mold Testing

In a commercial business or operation, perception is incredibly important. If mold is present in your facility though, this can present an unsightly or uncared for impression of your business, not to mention the potential health hazards you are exposing your employees and customers to. The best way to prevent a mold infestation or to start a mold remediation process is by mold testing.


Mold is everywhere among us, outdoors, inside buildings and also invisible; making it harder to discover and address in beginning stages. The biodegradable mechanism of mold decomposes practically any material that it grows on. When mold is present, property is damaged significantly. Typically, in areas where there is a large amount of continued dampness and moisture, mold can be found. Mold can cause a severe allergy reaction to those allergic to it. If it is inhaled or ingested, the mycotoxin that it contains can cause severe sickness. High exposure of this toxin can even lead to death. It is now mandatory that office buildings undergo commercial mold testing. Mold spores can float through the air and enter into the lungs. Consistent exposure of this nature can cause respiratory disease. Other symptoms that can present themselves are tiredness, weakness, dizziness, fainting spells etc.

The tools used to test a building for mold are quite advanced. They can help significantly to locate mold that is not in plain sight. Remember, mold that is not seen, is just as dangerous as mold that is obvious. Our trained professionals will collect samples of the mold and have it sent to a lab for testing. The equipment used will reveal the origin and type of mold. The analysis of mold is conducted via testing equipment and also microscopes. There are also tests that businesses and homeowners themselves can perform, prior to consulting a professional. The tools that are used can identify the amount of mold that is present, the type of mold and more. So often mold can be missed. But with a professional mold testing, every bit of mold will be found. One of the most concerning elements of mold are the spores.


Spores float around in the air and enter into the lungs. Indoor air quality tests are used in commercial mold testing. These tests are designed to easily identify mold spores in the air. Another type of test is used to sample the air coming from the HVAC unit. Appropriately identifying the air coming from the heating and cooling units are necessary to get a handle on the movement of the spores.

Mold eats away at walls, roofs, floors, carpets just about anything. It can end up costing thousands of dollars in repairs and oftentimes, the mold has grown deeper into the walls. When this happens the wall will need to be pulled down and then rebuilt. Depending on how deep and far the mold had grown, or if the mold has grown around a leaking pipe, the entire pipe section may need to be taken down, then reinstalled.

 Professional mold testing can eliminate the guesswork when it comes to mold. The sooner mold is identified, the quicker it can be prohibited from spreading to other areas of your commercial building. To leave mold undetected opens the door to allergies, respiratory disease and even death.

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