Most Common Causes Of House Fires

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There are nearly 360,000 house fires a year in the United States. House fires are seemingly more prevalent than may be assumed. They have many causes ranging from forgetting to unplug the curling iron to problems with a home’s natural gas system. Different houses are more prevalent to house fires. There are many causes of house fires and some are more common than others.

Electrical Problems

An electrical system that is not working correctly can easily spark fire. This is why city codes and inspections are so important. Improperly installed wiring and outdated wiring can also contribute to a potential electrical fire.

Christmas Trees

People love their Christmas trees and want to keep them up as long as possible. But the longer you leave your Christmas tree up, the longer it has to dry out. Drying of the tree makes it more and more of a fire hazard with hot lights on it. Christmas trees are common causes of house fires.

One way to avoid this is to take your tree down after the Christmas season. Be sure to keep adequate water in your tree dish while it is in season so that it can maintain its moisture. This will help it stay heat resistant. Also don’t leave your Christmas lights on when you are not at home and turn them off at night time.

Cooking Mistakes

Forgetting something on or in the oven is the most common cause of house fire. Most people automatically assume that putting water on a stove will immediately put out the fire. However, this actually works quite the opposite and next thing you know the house is on fire. One of the most common occurrences is that people bake in the oven for an extended period of time, then forget about it and run to pick up their kids or an errand. When they get home they can find food on fire. Be very sure when you are cooking to never leave the home. When things are on top of the stove, never leave the kitchen.

Bad Choices

When you are utilizing potential fire hazards, you need to be sure that you are being smart. Candles, cigarettes and kids are the most common causes of house fires. Be careful when you are smoking to be sure that your cigarette is completely extinguished. Along with that, only smoke outside and don’t fall asleep when you are smoking. Be sure to only use candles occasionally and always put them out before going to sleep or leaving the house.

Home Maintenance

Be sure to keep your home well maintained. Don’t let trash build up and be sure that you keep things organized and clean. Be sure to keep your electrical systems completely up to date. This will help ensure that your home will never be at high risk for accidentally catching on fire. Make sure your heating systems are always working correctly and fix them if they need maintenance.

At the end of the day, it is important to make sure that these risks are low in your own home. Be sure that you are not smoking in your home and always put your cigarettes completely out. Make sure your home is always up to date and that you never have trash or papers built up near an electrical source. Be sure to be vigilante while cooking. If you maintain and keep an eye on these simple things then you will likely lower your chances of suffering a home fire.

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