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When water, mold, fire or storm damage inflict your home or commercial business property, the results can sometimes be crushing. Having an experienced and professional ally to lead you through the restoration can not only be comforting, but also necessary. EcoStrike offers full service restoration including mold remediation, water mitigation, smoke and fire damage and reconstruction, servicing the Pahokee, Florida area. We understand the urgency of returning you back to your home and business and that all situations are unique.

Water Damage Restoration in Pahokee Florida

If your home or commercial business is affected by water damage or flood damage, it can feel overwhelming and unmanageable. There are two parts to water damage restoration, water mitigation and water damage restoration. Water mitigation is the process of preventing further damage to interior contents by securing the existing structure, extracting water, removing unsalvageable items and cleaning and sanitizing of salvageable items. Water damage restoration includes more of the reconstruction elements of your home or commercial facility. This includes ensuring mold is eliminated and cannot develop and replacing damaged walls and flooring. Eco Strike will perform your home or commercial business’ water restoration as quickly and efficiently as possible to return you back to normalcy.

Mold Removal in Pahokee Florida

Though mold exists everywhere and can never be truly avoided entirely, it is an unwelcome issue when much growth has developed. Mold not only poses health risks, but it can also cause structural damage. Mold removal service includes removing mold and cleaning and sanitizing materials that have been contaminated. Depending on the mold severity and each unique circumstance, certain techniques and specialized equipment will be used by Eco Strike’s highly trained professionals to remediate the issue. If mold has developed in your home or commercial business, mold removal will be necessary to restore the interior to a safe and healthy environment.

Mold Remediation in Pahokee Florida

Once mold has been found in your home or commercial business, often through mold testing and inspection, mold remediation services are usually utilized to remediate the problem. Since mold requires a water source to survive, mold remediation often involves first determining the source to address the larger issue at hand. The contaminated area will then be contained and ventilated to assess the level of severity. Then, salvageable materials will be cleaned and sanitized and unsalvageable materials will be removed. Addressing mold upon discovery is vital for the health of those inhabiting the home or commercial building and its structural integrity.

Mold Inspection in Pahokee Florida

Oftentimes, mold can grow for long periods without noticing due to a leaking pipe, hidden behind a wall or crack in a roof. Mold inspection and testing can be a helpful solution to determine whether mold exists in your home or commercial business. This is especially true when mold is not visibly seen but can be smelled. Mold testing involves retrieving air and surface samples and having those samples analyzed in a lab to assess the severity of the situation. Mold inspections are also extremely relevant for those with existing respiratory conditions as the presence of mold can worsen symptoms. Since so much of time is spent indoors and at home, mold testing for homes should be considered for ultimate indoor air quality.

Fire Damage Restoration in Pahokee Florida

Fires are devastating to endure and require expert guidance to navigate once the flames have dissipated. Not only is there fire damage restoration but there will also be water damage restoration involved. Once your home or facility has been assessed and secured, the interior contents are evaluated for salvageability and either cleaned and sanitized or removed. The last step in the fire damage restoration process is repairing and renovating the property for structural and healthy soundness. Fire damage restoration and cleanup can be complex and requires timely attention. Our highly trained professional team at Eco Strike understand how important it is for your home or commercial business to return back to normal after a fire.

Storm Damage Repair in Pahokee Florida

Natural disasters and harmful storms can wreak physical and emotional havoc on your home or commercial business and those that occupy it. Working fast to secure and assess the building is the first step in storm damage restoration. Next, salvageable contents will be separated from unsalvageable contents and materials that can be saved will be cleaned and sanitized. Mold remediation is often involved along with repairing and rebuilding the structural elements during storm damage repair. At Eco Strike, our experienced team knows what to expect and how to handle recovery to reduce downtime and restore order so that you can return home or back to business.

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