Water Damage Restoration In Hobe Sound Florida

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One of the most common kinds of damage that can affect your home or business is water damage. Between flooding, storm damage or pipes that leak or burst, your property is very susceptible to different types of water damage. With any kind of water damage comes other potentially dangerous and catastrophic issues like bacteria and mold damage and electrical hazards, in addition to structural damage. It is best to begin your residential or commercial water restoration as quickly as possible, typically within the first 24-48 hours. If water is not extracted immediately from the area, it can present a new range of issues. Mold, which needs a water source and humidity to thrive, can grow and spread. It is incredibly important to not only remove all excess water but to ventilate and dry the area as soon as possible to prevent mold and bacteria, which can grow within hours. The quicker you address water removal will mean less water damage repair.

Handling water damage requires specialists who are trained in this kind of circumstance. They will know where to look, how to address the potential challenges and know what can happen if a thorough restoration is not completed. All excess water will be removed with specialized equipment, all damaged and unsalvageable materials like carpeting will be removed, as much of the interior contents will be restored as possible and the affected area will be cleaned and sanitized to prevent mold.

What To Do When You Have Water Damage At Home

Water damage at home is incredibly overwhelming and can have stressful and destructive effects. Whether it is a burst pipe, violent natural disaster or flooding, homes are vulnerable to many kinds of potential water damage. It can be confusing how to handle the situation in the best way to ensure that your family can continue to have a safe place to call home. Since water damage is an incredibly encapsulating situation, it is best recommended to rely on professionals to mitigate the restoration in the quickest manner.


The first thing you need to remember is to keep your family and your home safe. Think before you act. Will it be safe to return to your home after the flooding? Some people are in such a rush to leave that they forget about what will happen when they return. Did you turn everything off before you left? Now, it is better to turn the power off right before things go from bad to worse. However, if it requires standing, in the growing water levels, to turn the power off, then it is best to leave it to a professional. It is best to make sure you are wearing some kind of protective gear ( like boots and coats) when you re-enter your home. Your home is going to look like a war zone after everything is finished. You’ll also need to stay away from downed power cords that might be loose in the house as flooding might have pulled a plug. The power might be off, but that is not going to help when you get everything up and running again. It is best to stay away from power cords and electrical sockets until the water has been evacuated from your home.

Drying Everything Out

If the amount of water in your home is somewhat manageable, you might be successful in getting rid of the standing water in your home. However, you are still going to deal with all the other contents in your home that are damp or very wet-this is especially true in areas that have high humidity levels. For those who have air-conditioners. make sure the cord is dry enough to plug into the socket. The next thing is to turn off the auto feature and keep it running at “on”. This helps with drying things out and ventilating the property. Make sure your home is dry, but not too dry. Making your home too dry during the restoration period can cause mold and mildew to develop. You will also need to call your insurance company. Report the damage and file the paperwork. Make sure to include your valuables in order to receive compensation for things lost.

Eco Strike In Hobe Sound Florida

EcoStrike is a full service restoration contractor that performs mold remediation, water mitigation, smoke and fire damage, and re-construction. Lamar Moore, President of EcoStrike, is a state licensed assessor which allows him to perform environmental testing and write remediation protocol on the projects they are not  contracted to mitigate.

EcoStrike has a reputation of providing a high quality service and making every effort to meet the expectations of their clientele. The common link in their customer’s feedback and testimonials is honesty! After 15 years as a Jupiter contractor, their recent relocation to Hobe Sound has the entire team at EcoStrike excited to develop new relationships in Martin and Saint Lucie counties and continue providing the best restoration experience in the industry!

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